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Total Dhamaal movie review: Yet another Ajay Devgn atrocity

When a big director’s films fail, he returns to the sequel of his hit movie to keep himself in the race. After the failure of Grand Masti, Super Nani and Great Grand Fun, director Inder Kumar remembered the ‘Dhamal’ series. After Dhhamal (2007) and double Dhhamal (2011), he has made the series with the title ‘Total Dhamal‘ (2019).

There are some characters in the Total Dhamal series. Some artists are the same but their character has changed. Some new artists have also been added. Stars such as Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Ritesh Deshmukh and Ajay Devgan have worked with Inder Kumar several times and this time they have collected all together.

In the cast and characters, Indra Kumar has manipulated, but the story repeats itself of the same. This time, the Dhamaal series revolves around the money. Before a person dies, he tells where he has hidden his money and then there is a clash between all the characters to find that hidden treasure.

Two small thieves (Ajay Devgan and Sanjay Mishra), husband-wife (Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit) standing on the road of divorce, two employees fired from fire brigade (Ritesh Deshmukh and Pitobish Tripathi), clever and stupid brother ( Arshad Warsi and Javed Jaffrey) and the Commissioner of Police (Boman Irani) get out to Janakpur to get this treasure.

In a car, in a helicopter, on a plane, they cross the river, go to Janakpur zoo, where the treasure is hidden. In the crowd of these artists, elephants, lions, monkeys and chimps are also involved.

Director Inder Kumar and his team of writers did not have anything new to tell in ‘Dhamal’ series, so they repeated the old things only. His only purpose was to laugh and audience the audience so they repeat some scenes.
The film is good, but as the film progresses, it seems that the thing is being dragged. The film has been made by Inder Kumar as if the climax was started shortly after the film started.

Everyone is running away and facing the troubles in the way. This has created humor. Sometimes the helicopter is being driven from the ceiling fan and the Ghauslet, and then someone’s car starts drowning in water. If someone stays in the forest then someone hangs on the building.

Some of these scenes have become fun, like Johnny Lever and Riteish’s helicopter scene, Ajay Devgan is going to tell Rahul the way, the Tapori language (Jackie Shroff’s voice over is superb), and pursuing Ajay, in the tunnel of Bowman entering. So some scenes produce fret, most of which have come in the part of Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit.

There are some jokes which have nothing to do with the story of the film. There is no scope for arguments in this film, and the film has not given much attention to it.

As director, Indra Kumar has gone on the same line that the audience has to laugh and he has tried all the things for this. They have shown the story in simple and straightforward way. He has taken care of his target audience and kept the comedy away from obscenity. Money is also well spent.

Ajay Devgan’s acting is fine, but he did not have much to do. The film does not do justice with their stardom. Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit are very talented players and such a role is very easy for them. The effect of coming in the big stars is on Arshad Warsi and Javed Jaffrey and their chances are limited. Ritesh Deshmukh and Johnny Lever laugh. Sanjay Mishra and Boman Irani appear to be doing acting. Isha Gupta appears in the movie’s climax. The movie lacks a young heroine.

If nothing new is found in the name of the songs, then two old songs have been put in the remix mixi. Sonakshi Sinha’s song is very cool.

The totals are behind the scales and ahead of the double drama. If the films of Dhhamal series look good, this movie may be liked.

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