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Photograph Movie Review: Nawazuddin plays amazing role in this

Director Ritesh Batra, in his first film, showed how the relationship was created through the ‘Lunchbox‘. In the photograph, he added relationships through photos. The food in the movie ‘Lunchbox’ was the smell, but ‘Photograph’ is just a plain film. It says that a photo says a thousand words, but this thing is missing in the photograph.

Rafi (Nawazuddin Siddiqi) draws photos with money from people who visit the Gateway of India. One day she takes a photo of Miloney (Sanya Malhotra), but Miloney gets paid and goes without taking photos. Rafi’s grandmother is behind her marriage. Photo of Milony Rafi sends his grandmother to the village by writing this that she has found this girl named Nouri.
As soon as this news comes, grandma comes to Mumbai immediately. Rafi, trapped in trouble, convinces Miloni that she meets her grandmother. Do you know grandma reality? Do Rafi and Miloni really want each other? As the film ends with answers to questions.

This story has been presented by Ritesh Batra in his own style. He has shown Mumbai on screen in a different way. He showed the academic and economic difference between Rafi and Miloney. It has also been shown that Milony did not get the love that Rafi and his grandmother received from their family, but the weaknesses of the story periodically clear the film’s merits by coming to the surface.

Miloni has shown a very low-spoken and shy girl. Does the key question arise that why does Milini agree to meet her grandmother at the behest of Rafi? Why does he pretend to be Rafi’s girlfriend? There is a lot of difference between Rafi and his age. Miloney’s parents reduce her talk, but there is no pressure on her. Why does Milony behave like this? All these questions are troubling when watching the film.

Ritesh Batra has tried to hide these things with his directive skills. He has shot a film on Real Space, which also has an impact on the film. There is little use of background music, which makes the film special. The role of Miloney and Rafi also worked very hard. Although some shots are too long and some non-essentials too. The film’s duration is less than two hours, but the film progresses at such a slow pace that this period is also very high.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui did not come in the role. He repeats the same Rafi as his role of acting. Sanyas Malhotra played the role of a less spoken and lost girl in her. Farrukh Jaffer’s acting as a grandmother is the best, though the director has used them a bit more.
Overall, the lunchbox with the magic photograph is not visible in the photograph.

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