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Gully Boy movie review: A compelling fairy tale with a amazing performance by Ranveer Singh

Gully Boy is a surprise for you this year, which is entitled to give a Must Watch movie in the first line. This movie is for all those who are not giving 100 percent to fulfill their dreams, then understand that their time has come. He will be inspired from this film that his dreams, which were held in the previous seat, will come in the driving seat because at all times his heart will be awakened to meet his dreams that he will be desperate to complete 100 percent. Such a huge motivational story is Zoya Akhtar’s Alley Boy.

The story of ‘Gully Boy’ to be completed ‘Murad’

The film’s story is inspired by the real life of Mumbai’s rapper divine, whose film’s character is Murad. Which Ranveer Singh has paid so strictly, seeing that you will forget the actions of his previous films. Just new excuses will be settled in your mind. Murad lives in Mumbai’s slum busty Dharavi. The lower middle class is buried under the burden of fulfilling the dreams of his father, people also taunt him, but Murad has so much confidence in his talent that he gives answers to those tones ‘sing his time’ She gets along with Safina i.e. Alia Bhatt and Sr. i.e. Chaturvedi. You will not be able to live in this movie without the convincing act. Murad completes his dream of becoming a rapport. This is the story of this movie, to see its ups and downs, you should approach 100% theater.

Ranveer-Alia’s Charming Acting

Ranveer Singh is getting a new actor from every movie. Ranvir Singh has done the role of Murad in the film that you will not be able to forget him for a long time. The colors of Murad are shining like gold in the color of their actions.

Alia Bhatt, however, has not got a central character in this film, but Alia has now come to know how to make her a part of the hit and how to praise her there too. In the role of Safina, Alia has done all the work she has achieved. The theory Chaturvedi has exploded in the role of the lion, his collision was direct with Ranveer Singh, in which many times you will see him in front of Ranveer.

Zoya Akhtar’s Direction wins the heart

Zoya has made such a return to Bollywood from this movie, which has made films like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Luck By Chance, and Dil Dhadkne, and do not be surprised if she gets a chance to take the best director trophy home this time. Jaya has done complete justice with every department of the film. He is not the director of such films but his hold from the film is not too loose. There are not enough movie in the movie when you start to think about what’s going on in the movie. 18 songs have been thrown in the film so that you do not seem to be cumbersome in the film. This is the awesome Zoya Akhtar of Kraft.


This time, Gully Boy, released on Valentines Day, is the best choice for you this week. If you leave your friends with this film not just entertainment but motivation, then you will have to stay in your heart for a long time.

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