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Captian marvel review: Amazing movie with female character of Marvel

Captain Marvel Movie Review: Fans of the Avengers films were eagerly waiting for this film. Since Avengers Infinity War, Marvel Fans did not understand how his favorite superheroes would return. But Marvel Universe had said that Captain Marvel could only show the real path to the return of these heroes and this proved to be true in the film. Prior to Avengers End Game, the most important clues of Avengers End Game were hidden in the film and the seats lying on the post-credit scene of the film proved that people are waiting for the next film of Infinity Wars as people like Bahubali There was waiting for too.

This story of Captain Marvel’s Origen has shown how the most powerful superheroes of Marvel came into being. The two alien species Cree and the Scalps are thirsty for each other’s blood. A special force of Kree caste is working for the eradication of any kind of changeable scraps. Among the cases, there is a girl named Weyers, who does not remember her past, but she has many powers that she is trying to overcome.

Kree-Force goes on a mission and in an accident on this mission, weirs Scrull comes under caste control. After this wears the faces of ours from the past and on the earth, Weyers know how he has the most power of all the Brahmand.

More than this, telling about the story of this film can spoil your suspense. But one thing that can be said about this movie is that, the return of Nick Fury in the film. How did Nick Fury run SHIELD years before the emergence of the Avengers, and where Avengers got his name from, how are you going to get answers to all these questions? Also, in this movie, you will get an important clue of the upcoming movie Avengers.

Now when we have talked about the story of the film, then you tell me about the weaknesses of the film. Seeing this movie clearly shows that it has been made very fast. The attempt to fit a superhero between two big films is clearly visible. The audience present in the hall believed that Marvel should have made the film some years back.

Nick Fury’s character is filmed very well in this movie, and the friendship between Nick and Captain Marvel is very carefully filmed. Anna Bowden and Ryan Flake could easily put a Kiss or Bold scene anywhere in the film, but they went against the opposite of Bollywood, showing that a boy and a girl could be friends too. You can also watch this film as Marvel’s most familial class movie.

The film’s life is the film lead actress Brie Larson and actor Samuel L. Jackson, when they come to the screen, they do not give you a chance to remove the sight. The timing of the film was such that there was no scope to show any other hero but Iron Man or Captain America could be mentioned in the movie.

There are many elements of frustration in the movie for Marvel Fans, especially after watching Infinity Wars your expectations increase and you feel less all the action in this film. But as a single hero movie, this movie is good and the look of a movie superhero seems fresh. You can see this movie to see some newness and you will not be disappointed, but if you are watching Marvel’s movie for the first time, then this film is not for you at all.

Some things for the fans of Marvel films, it has been decided that Captain Marvel will show the way back to our lost superheroes. Fighting with Thanos is not easy for anyone in the Avengers so in this case, Captain Marvel will get a role to face Thanos. In this film, Tussricket has been shown in such a way that you may feel the need to watch the first film again.

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